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Cruise 594a
Spain, France, Italy
15-22 Jul 2001, 8 days
Fares from 1530

Cruise 594a(NC)
Spain, France, Italy
15-25 Jul 2001, 11 days
Fares from 1955
Cabin Grade: Price per
adult ():
  594a 594aNC
owner's suite Owner's Suite 2870 3295
suite Suite 2745 3170
deluxe Deluxe 2370 2795
superior Superior 2100 2525
Standard two bed:
twin occupancy
deck outside A Deck outside 1975 2400
deck outside aft A Deck outside aft 1850 2275
deck outside B Deck outside 1815 2240
deck outside aft B Deck outside aft 1710 2135
deck inside A Deck inside 1565 1990
deck inside B Deck inside 1530 1955
Standard two bed:
single occupancy
deck outside A Deck outside 2765 3350
deck outside aft A Deck outside aft 2590 3175
deck outside B Deck outside 2541 3126
deck outside aft B Deck outside aft 2394 2979
deck inside A Deck inside 2035 2620
deck inside B Deck inside 1989 2574
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Professor Jasper Griffin
Professor of Classical Literature and Public Orator at Oxford University, Greek and Roman history, and the art and history of the Italian Renaissance will be covered in his talks.

Dr David Laven
Lecturer in Modern European history at the University of Reading. From a family of historians of Venice, he has long experience of living and studying in Italy. His talks will link the way in which the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas have shaped Italian history and identity.

The Revd Mark Oakley
Currently Chaplain to the Bishop of London, author of articles and reviews and lecturer in theology and philosophy. The literary connections with Dante, the romantics Byron, Shelly and Keats, to post-war fiction writers today will be highlighted in his talks.

James MH Thompson
Former architectural historian with Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England). His themes will be the architecture of Italy, from Byzantine to the Renaissance and Baroque, and even the unique eclectic style of the Normans in the south.

Please note Guest Speakers travel on the cruise portion of the holiday only.

Young Persons Cruises, 
click for details Savour five of the Mediterranean's most beautiful islands on one voyage. From Majorca you'll cruise to little Menorca, Sardinia, see Corsica where Napoleon was born and then Elba - where he was exiled and Ischia.
594a Cruise Itinerary
Sun 15 Jul    London - Palma
Fly from London to Palma to join Minerva and sail from Majorca late evening.
Mon 16 Jul    Mahon (for Ciudadela)
We arrive on the island of Menorca this morning. Relax on one of the island's renowned sandy beaches or take our excursion to the former capital of Ciudadela, still enclosed within its 16th century fortified walls. We sail after lunch.
Tue 17 Jul    Alghero *
Drive along the scenic coastline this morning to Capo Caccia, with its splendid views over the rocky coast, or swim from one of the area's renowned beaches. Take a boat trip across to the "Grotte di Nettuno" to see the vast caves, complete with stalagmites, stalactites and clear lakes.
Wed 18 Jul    Calvi *
A morning in Calvi, one of the gems of Corsica. Explore the lower town at your leisure with its busy marina, or take our excursion along the coast for some spectacular views of the nearby mountains on one side and the glistening Mediterranean the other. We depart mid-afternoon.
Thu 19 Jul    Livorno (for Lucca or Pisa) - Elba
This morning we explore the charming town of Lucca, including the imposing cathedral and churches with their wealth of paintings and sculptures. If you prefer, join our excursion to Pisa, with its famous Leaning Tower. Afternoon at sea.
Fri 20 Jul    Elba
The morning is spent at the verdant Tuscan island of Elba, made famous by the time Napoleon spent in exile here. You can explore the island on a drive, join our walking tour to visit Napoleon's house, or seek out one of the island's glorious beaches. We depart mid-afternoon.
Sat 21 Jul    Ischia *
Arrive at the "Emerald Island" of Ischia at lunchtime. We visit Lady Walton's superb gardens at "La Mortella" a veritable feast of exotic plants, tropical foliage and landscaped streams and pools. Alternatively, spend free time in the town or take a swim from one of the island's beaches.
Sun 22 Jul    Salerno (for Pompeii) - Naples - London
After a morning visit to the extensive ruins of Pompeii, "Cruise Only" passengers transfer to Naples for the return flight to London.
594a(NC) Cruise & Tour
Post-Cruise Stay: Amalfi Coast
Sun 22 Jul-Tue 24 Jul    Salerno - Amalfi
After our morning excursion from Salerno, "Cruise & Stay" passengers transfer to the Hotel Saraceno, in a spectacular setting on the Amalfi Coast, for a 3-night independent stay on a half board basis. Situated on a cliff-top just a short distance from the town of Amalfi, this Arabic-style hotel affords excellent views of the coast.
Wed 25 Jul    Amalfi - Naples - London
Transfer to Naples for the return flight to London.
* Land by ship's boat or local tender

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